Women must read, Tips to make it beautiful and healthy outdoors naturally

Every woman would like to look beautiful, the different ways they do so that you can always look pretty perfect, but look beautiful not just outside. Be an outdoor beautiful woman.

To be able to look beautiful and healthy outside in order to be beautiful natural or natural is actually quite easy, can be done and obtained through natural ingredients around us. Healthy lifestyle patterns also greatly affect the beauty of a woman.

Smiling and always positive thinking will also make an aura of the natural beauty of a woman will shine better.

Here's a secret to look beyond natural beauty you can try:

1. Diligent bathing and drinking water
Bathing regularly and regularly can make the skin look clean, fresh and radiant, can also improve the spirit and make the body more relaxed. Drinking water can maintain the health and moisture of your skin.

2. Caring for facial skin
Make a habit to wash your face twice a day using milk cleanser and choose the right cosmetics for your facial skin, and preferably use natural ingredients, it's safer and a side effect.

3. Maintain moisture and smoothness of skin
From the inside can consume foods that can moisturize the skin such as salmon and walnut, also foods that contain vitamins A, C and E, to keep skin smooth and youthful.

And from the outside, you can do face masks and luluran regularly with natural ingredients such as using cucumber or bengkoang.

4. Maintain Skin elasticity
To maintain the elasticity of the skin, you can consume foods that contain selenium, such as wheat, egg yolks, asparagus, chicken, tomatoes and onions.

5. Eliminating Cellulite
Cellulite also greatly affects the beauty, because the presence of cellulite makes the skin not beautifully seen, therefore lose your cellulite. Saga leaves, roses and rosemary can be used to remove cellulite.

6. Consumption of Nuts
By consuming nuts, the skin will not become loose, because in nuts contains proteins that can keep the skin toned.
7. Exercise
With regular exercise, you will apply a healthy and fit life so that you will be healthy and healthy skin will radiate natural beauty.

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