This difference is Toner, Serum, and Essence, as well as the order of usage

Having a smooth facial skin is the dream of almost all women. Not only is it smooth, healthy facial skin is also very desirable.

Well, to get a good facial skin condition is not uncommon some women are willing to do various ways. One of the usual ways is to do special facial treatments.

The more interest in treating faces, making facial or skincare products is not only limited to face cleanser. Now more and more facial care products are available on the market.

In addition to facial cleansers and facial moisturizers, facial treatment products are now increasing as there are toner, serum, and essence. Many face care products are not uncommon to confuse users, in order of usage.

Taking care of facial skin is painstaking like this, of course, to get healthy skin, moist, and radiant body of Korean women. Now that you are not wrong in caring for the face, here has summarized about the explanation about the difference from each skincare products such as toner, serum, and Essence, Friday (10/5/2019).

Toner serves to restore skin pH

The Toner, serum, and essence are both applied after you wash your face and before applying moisturizers. Well, usually after washing and exfoliating, the skin of your face will generally lose moisture because the essential oil that is on the surface is washed when cleaned.

Well, the Toner function here that has the content to hydrate and soothe, so that it can restore the pH balance of the skin. The Toner will instantly replenish moisture while lifting the remaining debris on the surface of the skin.

In addition, the best quality toner is usually enriched with antioxidants that can make your face skin soft, fresh, and hydrated.
Essence function to moisturize skin

This facial treatment product is responsible for helping wrinkles and uneven dull color of the skin. Essence can also be referred to as a serum with a lighter content.

This product is essentially to prepare the skin, namely to form a base layer of moisturizers. In addition, it makes a skin texture to be able to absorb more content of other skincare products that will be applied afterwards.

Serums that contain active substances with various benefits

Skin care products such as moisturizer made from creams or gels generally consist of large molecules, until they are unable to fit into the inner layer of the skin. But different from serum. In the opposite of moisturizer, serum consists of small molecules that can enter the inner layer of the skin so that the active substance that it brings can directly attack the target problems on the skin.

Usually a liquid-shaped serum that tends to be transparent with a slightly viscous texture and must be used for you who are over 30 years old.

The difference with essence, the serum actually has an almost similar function. But different is just in texture. Serum is thicker with richer content, while the essence is more fluid and mild.

Toner, Essence and Serum usage order
After knowing the different and functioning of each skin care product, then what is the order of usage?

Well, once you wash your face, wipe the toner on the face. Gently massage the essence, then apply the serum by gently massaging it on the skin.

If all is applied to the face, you can continue by applying the face cream you used to use.

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