Apparently wrong, these 6 causes fail in making eyebrows

Having a thick, curved eyebrow shape becomes the dream of many women. But for some women who have less than ideal eyebrows, forming eyebrows with eyebrow pencils is an easy and inexpensive alternative to tidy up the shape of the eyebrows as desired.
But who thought, things made this eyebrow turned out to be not easy. Just a little bit, instead of becoming more beautiful, you are increasingly looking weird like Shinchan. Indeed, you should be accustomed to making brows to look perfect as desired. Need regular training to get brows like a pro.

Well, if you are not too far in learning how to create brows, here are some mistakes you can avoid in order to make your eyebrows perfect. At least by knowing these mistakes, you can minimize errors.

The following has summarized some of the usual mistakes when creating the eyebrows.

Not brushing eyebrows first

All you need to do to get the perfect brow result is to brush it first. Brushing the eyebrows before starting to define them will minimize failure in the form. So, be sure to comb or brush your eyebrow hair first in the upper direction before proceeding to the brow-making stages.

Side to Front

Side to Front

To make the eyebrows appear natural, don't fill the eyebrows to the front. You just have to create a line that frames brows from the center to the back. Then fill the inner thinner. Once filled, just brush up to the front.

Wrong forming eyebrows

Although the goal is to form an eyebrow, but you don't have to draw new brows that differ from the original eyebrow shape. You only have to perfect the ones, so that the natural shape is more visible. That way, the eyebrows will look natural.

Do not make the line eyebrows too straight and firm. This precisely makes your eyebrows look natural. For those of you who are still beginners, try to create brows by following your original eyebrows.

Using an eyebrow pencil that's too dark or light

You can follow the rules that have been recommended by experts in the world to use an eyebrow pencil that is one level brighter than the color of your eyebrows. This will give results that look more natural and not excessive.

Excessive plucking of eyebrows

The mistakes most often do by women when making eyebrows are too much of an unplugging of eyebrows. Indeed, it does not matter to remove some eyebrows that appear distorted. But you should ask the professionals for help. Because, too much plucking the eyebrows will make it increasingly odd-looking.

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