A stubborn acne tumpas with banana masks. SSST, how to make it Super easy!

This time I would like to make a banana mask for acne that I've done from ancient times. Nope, no! A banana mask can be used to reply acne again Merah-merahnya, again the sore. The sensation of wearing a pisan mask is really good for acne.

Can the cold imaginable from the banana fruit coming out of the refrigerator directly made a mask and directly worn to the acne that again the Mateng-Matengnya and again the sore?

A word that can make the mood of an ancur, sometimes Kesel, make GA confident, sometimes embarrassed, sometimes ordinary aja, even sometimes stressed. Correct? Many things can cause acne in your smooth skin. One of the bacteria is Propionibacterium acnes/P. Acnes, with banana then this bacteria is swallowed by banana.

Before you discuss it, you should know why bananas are beneficial for eliminating acne. Banana, fruit that many really grown in Indonesia is not only delicious eaten, not only delicious pluit chips, not only delicious in the taste of Eskrim, not only delicious pluit taste of milk but its benefits more than that. Bananas contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body, especially skin, Loh!

Bananas contain vitamins A, B, C, E, Lectin, amino acids, zinc, and others.

The content of vitamin A from banana fruit can prevent and treat dry and dull facial skin, fade acne scars and black spots due to acne.
Lectin from banana fruit can also kill bacteria P. Acne which is the cause of acne bacteria.
Vitamin B can protect the skin from free radicals, so avoid germs, bacteria, prevent premature aging, and soften the face naturally 🙂

How to make and use banana masks to eliminate acne is:

Clean your face with water
Dry the face with a way in Pat – PAT. DON'T BE RUBBED!
Prepare 1 ripe banana fruit. Should be colored yellow with black spots. Avoid immature bananas (bright yellow with green edges) or overcooked (oily and black).
Peel the banana bark and insert the banana into the container/bowl
Shake the fork to smash bananas
Apply a banana mask to the pimples and entire face
Allow 10 – 20 minutes until mask absorbs and slightly dry
Clean with cold water
Pat dry by way of clapping – pat
Do how to get rid of acne with this banana mask regularly and regularly so that the maximum results can be felt. You can also add honey, olive oil, or almond oil in addition to the result that can be more maximal.

What are the benefits of honey for acne?

Honey contains anti – a very strong bacteria that can kill germs and bacteria causing acne to arise. In addition, honey can detox your facial skin, blood circulation, rejuvenate your skin, prevent breakouts again, prevent black spots, and much more.
So is the olive oil and almond oil as well. It is highly recommended to add other ingredients into a banana mask because it can fight the acne-causing bacteria more actively and more effectively. This banana mask can also be used overnight alias can be taken sleep. New Morning Deh in the rinse. Cool, right?

Never get bored of banana makeran to make your acne minder back again and the smooth face of dreams will come true. 😉

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