5 tricks to Make Up Natural for you who are still beginners. Anti Ribet and file certainly!

With the advancement in the world per make-up in Indonesia, many local and international make-up brands are emerging in Indonesia. This also makes us easier to find affordable make-up which is also scattered evenly because it can be found in general drugstore.

Although lately heavy make-up become a trend in Indonesia, buddy Hipwee do not fear. Natural Make-up is also still loved by many women from young and old. And don't get me wrong! Sometimes natural make-up is a lot to help radiate the glow of beauty from within you!

1. Mix your CC or BB cream with a little liquid shimmer or highlighter
One of the main tricks in natural look is dewy make-up where it makes your skin glowing naturally from the matte, which is where you use a lot of make-up. One way to do so we can be dewy is by mixing a little liquid highlighter to your CC or BB cream, then apply deh to the whole face, must be more glowing!

One of the new light and good liquid highlighter with affordable price namely Maybelline Master Stobing Liquid that is priced at less than Rp 100.000! With two colors available, this product is perfect for the Indonesian skintone. Don't forget to try your friend Hipwee!

2. Use Liptint or tinted lipbalm

Since the trend of matte lipstick that is carried by Kylie Jenner San Colourpop Cosmetics, many women use matte lipstick with the hope of looking beautiful natural. But actually wearing a matte lipstick makes your appearance look heavy!

Other options include using Liptint or Tintend Lipbalm. With a slight shade of light on the lips, a natural impression is created so that people don't focus too much on your lips! One of our favorite products is Baby Lips Candy Wow from Maybelline which costs only Rp 38.000!

3. Choose Cream Blush instead of blush powder
Blush Powder sometimes looks too pigmented and heavy for our faces. Remember! Our Goals are natural! So it's good to use the blush cream than the blush powder because creamblush is lighter in texture.

Emina Cheeklit Cream Blush It fits really for everyday, make you look natural! Excreted in the product is only white cream, which will change color when applied to the skin according to each face. With RP 30,000 only, you can have natural canik plasticity all day!

4. Use mascara only, no need for Dark eye shadow

Without any more stale bases, we already know yes some Indonesians that the eyelids are not too big and also deep. This makes our eyes sometimes look smaller when we apply dark eyeshadow.

The technique of using dark eyeshadow by Westerners is successful, but their eyes differ from their characteristics with our eyes. Therefore, we only need to wear eyeshadow that is neutral in color and not too old for our facial skin color, and then polish it with mascara to look slick.

One of the best mascara from Indonesia is Wardah EyeXpert Volume Mascara which is not only cheap, but also halal Lho! The plus value for Wardah and also good news for our Muslim friends.

5. Bronzer's mother natural look!

Want to look tyren but the contour is too heavy make a natural look? Quiet Aja, use a bronzer! Bronzer can be the most multifunctional cosmetics to look beautiful without having to spend on other products! The main function of the bronzer is to make the skin dimensionally, or other names of shading.

With the application under the cheek bones, framing the nose bones and also hair gari, the use of a light bronzer makes you look fresh and natural rather than using contours.

This one is definitely a friend of Hipwee Udah Tau; Focallure Buzz-Worthy bronzer and highlighter Palette only priced at RP 70,000. Besides cheap, this product has also been reviewed many of the famous Instagrammer Lho! So the quality is no doubt yes friends.

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